Achieve the smile you deserve, fast

Achieve the smile you deserve, fast
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Your smile, our team, great results

Here at MyDental Care in Meadowbank offers Rapid Smiles in order to help our patients achieve a straight and beautiful smile. The Rapid Smiles system uses clear brackets and a tooth coloured wire to guide the teeth into place. This orthodontic treatment produces very efficient results, often helping our patients to attain the smile they deserve in just 2 to 4 months.

The basics of Rapid Smiles

This orthodontic treatment offers our patients a subtle and discreet option to correct their smile without having to worry about receiving a lengthy orthodontic treatment. There are two options when receiving the Rapid Smiles treatment, which include clear brackets and wires attached to either the:

  • Front of the teeth
  • Back of the teeth

Most patients can be suitable candidates for the Rapid Smiles treatment and can be an ideal treatment for those who lead busy or professional lives. This is a cosmetic treatment and thus it addresses the appearance of the smile, rather than your bite or jaw function.

This treatment can be suitable to correct:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Crooked smile

The benefits to straightening your teeth with Rapid Smiles

The Rapid Smiles system can be advantageous for a number of different reasons. The benefits of this treatment include:


The Rapid Smiles system is both subtle and discreet, which can make it desirable option for our patients who are self-conscious about receiving orthodontic work. We offer tooth coloured or clear brackets and wires to help you find an option that suits you and your lifestyle.

In addition to this we also offer the Rapid Smiles system in two different options: attached to the front of your teeth or the back. As the system blends into your smile, or if they are attached to the back of your teeth, they can go unnoticeable to those around you. This discreet aspect makes the Rapid Smiles a valuable option for those working within a professional environment or for our patients who self-conscious about receiving orthodontic treatment.

orthodontic treatment


As the name indicates the Rapid Smiles treatment is beneficial as this procedure can provide results quite quickly for our patients. Rapid Smiles can help straighten your smile potentially within just 2 – 4 months.

Our dental professionals are often able to achieve results in this time because this treatment is focused on achieving cosmetic results, rather than addressing specific orthodontic concerns in relation to your bite or jawbone. This means we can move the teeth quickly into the desired position to correct the smiles of those with more minor orthodontic concerns.


Many of our patients’ find the Rapid Smiles treatment quite comfortable and our caring staff go above and beyond to ensure that you are feeling relaxed and at ease every time you visit our Meadowbank practice location.

Rapid Smiles treatment

Working with you to achieve the results you deserve

During your initial consultation Dr Louis Chan and our dental professionals will work with you to achieve the results that you deserve. We will assess your unique concerns and identify if the Rapid Smiles system is suitable for you.

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About the Author

Dr Louis Chan

Dr Louis Chan has a special interest in holistic dentistry and is a certified provider of Myobrace, Insignia, Rapid Smiles and Invisalign.

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