What’s really in your child’s lunch box?

What’s really in your child’s lunch box?
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As a parent you probably already know that dental care at a young age is very important for your child’s current and future health. Despite this, there is a lot of material out there that can be misleading when it comes to what foods and beverages are healthy for growing children and their teeth.

At MyDental Care in Meadowbank in the City of Ryde we are committed to providing informative care when it comes to you and your family’s dental health. Supporting healthy smiles with education and dedicated dental care is our passion. Below we will discuss a few commonly asked questions when it comes to your child’s dental health, their eating habits and what they have in their school lunch box.

Why are baby teeth important?


baby teeth


Your child’s baby teeth are important for a number of different reasons. Firstly baby teeth, otherwise known as deciduous teeth, enable children to chew and digest their food in order to get the nutrients they need to grow. Baby teeth also enable children to develop speech patterns and correct pronunciation. In addition to this, baby teeth are also important as they act as placeholders for adult teeth which come through later in life.

Why is it important for children to eat well?

important for children to eat well

Aside from the obvious general health benefits of eating well, a healthy diet can also be beneficial to your child’s teeth. Whether your child has their baby teeth or they have their adult teeth, a person’s diet can be intrinsically linked to the health of their teeth.

In addition to healthy growth development, eating well can establish healthy habits that can stay with children throughout their lives. By combining a healthy diet and a detailed oral hygiene routine your child can keep their adult teeth for life.

What are some healthy lunchbox snacks that are great for my child’s health and their teeth?


healthy lunchbox snacks


There are a number of food groups that are widely considered to be very beneficial for your child’s health and for their dental health. Some food groups include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Meats
  • Gluten-free grains

There are plenty of different snack ideas that fit into these categories that can also be great as a lunchbox snack. Some food ideas include apple or orange wedges, celery and carrot sticks, gluten free pasta, rice crackers, salad, a gluten free sandwich, boiled eggs and many more.

What foods should you avoid packing in your child’s lunchbox?


child’s lunchbox


One thing that so many people miss when choosing a healthy lunch, especially for younger children, is what beverages they are consuming. Fruit juices is one of the most deceptive beverages on the market as they can be branded to be healthy, however they are often high in added sugar. Other drinks to avoid include soft drink and sports drinks, which should only be enjoyed on occasion.

Some foods to avoid include cereal bars which can be high in added sugar and processed foods.

When should professional dental care begin for my child?


professional dental care or my child


At MyDental Care in Meadowbank in the City of Ryde we encourage parents to bring in children at an early age. By providing professional dental care, in combination with a detailed at-home dental hygiene routine, we can help set children up for a healthier smile when their adult teeth come through. Early orthodontic care can also save you time and money in the future as your child can achieve a straighter smile from a young age.

To learn more about healthy snacks for children, or to book a dental check-up for your child, please contact our Meadowbank team today.

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