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MyDental Care is a leading family dental practice providing comprehensive care for the community of Meadowbank in the City of Ryde.

With a key focus on excellence throughout every aspect of our practice, our valued patients experience unsurpassed care, comfort and treatment outcomes in our tranquil, contemporary environment.

Meet our principal dentist Dr Louis Chan (BDS, Sydney)

Complementing his clinical dexterity, Dr Chan has extensive training and experience in orthopaedic orthodontics, neuromuscular full mouth reconstructions, dental sleep medicine and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). He is not only passionate about correcting bite, but also breathing, sleeping and eating right!

Dr Chan is a certified provider of Myobrace (MRC), Insignia™, Rapid Smiles and Invisalign.

  • 2014 Dr Steven Olmos’s Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD Mini Residency
  • 2014 Dr Steven Olmos’s Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD Hands on
  • 2014 Dr Steven Olmos’s Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD Motor Reflex
  • 2013 Dr Steven Olmos’s Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD Hands on
  • 2013 LVI Sleep II
  • 2013 LVI Post Core II
  • 2010 Certificate of Achievement at the Practical Training seminar in Nutrition for the Chronic Pain Patient.
  • 2010 LVI Core I Advanced functional dentistry – The power of physiologic basal occlusion.
  • 2011 LVI Core II Orthotic maintenance, adjustment and essential reconstructive techniques.
  • 2011 LVI Core III Mastering dynamic adhesion in complex reconstructive cases.
  • 2011 LVI Core IV Advanced Principles, case stabilization and bite transfer on the neuromuscular practice.
  • 2012 LVI Core V Comprehensive Aesthetic Occlusal Reconstruction – Rehabilitation Begins!
  • 2012 LVI Core VI Coronoplasty and Case Finishing – Critical Steps for Neuromuscular Success
  • 2012 LVI Core VII Full Mouth Reconstruction – Essential Tools for Finalization of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
  • 2012 LVI implant 1 Surgery, Implants and Grafting
  • Member of ADA (Australian Dental Association)
  • Member of IAO (International Association For Orthodontics)
  • 1999 April 16th Certificate of Training in Anatomical occlusion – by Dr Patrick Roetzer DDS.
  • 2000 November 28th Associate member of the International Association for orthodontics in General Orthodontics.
  • 2004 May Certificate of Achievement for Attending The New Dentistry by Professor Raymond Bertolotti.
  • 2005 October 5th Certificate of Attendance at Maximising Aesthetic results in General Practice.
  • 2005 November 11th Certificate of attendance at Damon Orthodontics- a new generation of ortho esthetic treatment.
  • 2008 May 1-4 Certificate of instruction at the Bioresearch annual workshop conference.
  • 2006 December 20th Active Membership of The International Association for Orthodontics in general orthodontics.
  • 2009 July 17th Imtec Dental MDI workshop including theory and practical applications of Mini Dental Implants.
  • 2009 July 18th Imtec Dental attendance of “Advanced MDI” given by Dr Raymond Choi.

When Louis is not thinking about dentistry, he divides his time between motor sports, RC car racing, tinkering with the latest gadgets, and spending quality time with his three beautiful kids cycling along Parramatta River. With any time left over, his wife appreciates a nice shoulder massage.

Dr. Willie Mok

After 46 years of clinical dental practice together with a background of basic science in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Chinese Medicine, I believe that current teaching of Health care is dogmatic and constrain the mind. To enhance better care practitioners must look beyond one discipline of health care.


  • Bachelor of Science University of Melbourne 1972
  • Bachelor of Dental Science University of Melbourne 1976
  • Licentiate of Dental Surgery, Victoria 1976
  • Diploma of Clinical Dentistry Conscious Sedation 1993
  • Master of Applied Science (Acupuncture) RMIT 2002

Dr Yudith Kartiko

Dr Yudith Kartiko is a dentist who takes a holistic approach to the treatment of her patients and is most passionate in helping them achieving their dental goals, whatever that might be, with excellence. 

She has had extensive experience in dentistry ranging from Restorative/Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Laser Dentistry, and everything in between. 

She holds a dental degree from the University of Sydney with Honours (2003) . She also holds Postgraduate Diploma in Implantology (Charles Sturt University), Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, and Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics (City of London University). 

She is a member of various Professional Dental Associations, the notable ones being the Australian Dental Association, International Association of Orthodontics, and International Team for Implantology. 

Dr Yudith loves dentistry. She continually updates and refines her skills and knowledge through Continuing Professional Developments courses at local and international level. 

Dr Yudith is also a mother of two. When not doing dentistry, she finds joy in playing and teaching piano.

Dr Leon Mok  B.D.S. (hons)

Dr Mok graduated from the same class as our principal dentist  Dr Chan at the University of Sydney. 

He has over 20 years experience as a dental practitioner in private practice, the public sector and private health funds. Prior to joining our practice, he held the position of Dentist in Charge at a major health fund for 13 years. He was responsible for the management of multiple dental centres, with up to 15 operating chairs and more than 50 staff. He has also been a clinical tutor at the University of Sydney.

Leon has an honest, calming and gentle approach to dentistry.

His areas of interest include restorative (including crowns, bridges, veneers) and cosmetic dentistry for people of all ages. He is also Invisalign accredited and is a member of the Australian Dental Association.

In his spare time, Leon likes to participate in many forms of motorsport, and spend time with his family.

Meet Dr Jacob Smith (BDS, Sydney)

Dr. Smith started his career with the Australian Defence Force as a Lieutenant in the Navy and was commissioned as the Acting Fleet Dental Surgeon for a period of time. He then worked in several private practices honing his skills in all areas of general dentistry with a special interest in implant and cosmetic therapies, where he has postgraduate qualifications.

Dr Smith is also passionate about combining intraoral scanners and CAD/manufacturing software with the latest generation of 3D printers and biocompatible materials to develop a range of new higher quality appliances more quickly and accurately.

Jacob’s other interests include cycling, quantum physics (yes, his favourite show is The Big Bang Theory), 3D printing and using his woodworking skills to whip up custom cabinetry for his wife and two young gorgeous kids.

Meet Dr Joo Choi (BDSc, BMLSc, FICOI, MDSc (Oral Implantology))

With more than 15 years of experience, Dr Choi aims to provide high quality, holistic dental care. She has a strong ethos of a preventative approach to optimal health, as she provides the skills and education for patients to maintain their own health.

Dr Choi is continuously advancing her skills and knowledge in dentistry, reflected by attaining multiple qualifications over the years:

  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (University of Otago)
  • Bachelor of Dental Science (University of Western Australia)
  • Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Masters of Dental Science (Oral Implantology) (Universitat Jaume I)

She is a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA), International Association for Orthodontics (IAO) and International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

Dr Choi is passionate about dentistry and has special interests in the fields of dental implants, orthopaedics and orthodontics, orofacial pain, sleep-disordered breathing, and cosmetic dentistry. Apart from being a skilled dentist, she is a skilled linguist, being fluent in Korean.

In her free time, Dr Choi enjoys good food, drawing, and living in the moment with her family.

Meet Faleya Derevnina (BOH, Newcastle)

Faleya Derevnina, our fabulous oral hygienist, will help bring back the sparkle in your smile through her gentle and thorough treatment. She is passionate about helping you achieve a lifetime of optimal oral health. Besides being a self-confessed foodie, she can also speak Russian (with room for improvement!) and Mandarin.

Our Technology

Our innovative dental care is supported by the most advanced dental technology available…

In order to provide our patients with the gold standard in dentistry, at our Meadowbank Dental Practice we have invested in state- of- the- art technology including:


Our CEREC technology allows our dental professionals to design, mill and manufacture crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers all within a single appointment. This means that our patients can save time and money in our chair, whilst receiving outstanding and natural looking results.


Experience drill and needle free dentistry with the help of our WwaterLlase laser technology. This innovative tool promotes conservative and comfortable dentistry that is generally performed without the need for anaesthetic.


Insignia is a program which enables the high-tech creation and placement of braces which are made uniquely for your smile. Dr Louis Chan will use this fully interactive software at either his Meadowbank location to create a virtual ‘map’ of your smile and maloclussion. You will see a virtual display of your smile on the unique software and Dr Chan will explain how your treatment will work and show you how it will look once installed in your mouth and once treatment is complete.

Insignia is computer-aided orthodontics to ensure a more precise and clinical result that is much more predictable than traditional orthodontics. Your treatment will be performed with maximum efficiency and comfort as most of the technical components will be determined in the program before placement even begins.

Cone Beam Scanner

Our cone beam scanner allows our dental professionals to create a comprehensive 3D image of your oral area. This allows our team to plan and execute complex procedures such as full mouth reconstructions with much greater accuracy.

Top of the Range Dental Chairs

Comfort is one of our key priorities at MyDental Care, and as such we have invested in the highest quality dental chairs to ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

We provide the highest level of service and technology to our patients, and Dr Louis Chan runs a team of passionate individuals.

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American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
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