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Temporomandibular Disorders / TMJ

TMD commonly called TMJ, is a real condition caused by disturbances in the action of the jaw. Often jaw problems are only a symptom, secondary to a greater problem affecting the body, much like a fever is secondary to the common flu. In the absence of an acute injury to the head or face, the primary cause of jaw problems is frequently an unidentified sleep breathing issue or obstructive sleep apnoea. Proper diagnosis and emphasis on origin rather than symptoms is key to successfully treating this disorder.

If you or your loved ones suffer from any of these symptoms, we can offer comprehensive screening and targeted treatment.

Symptoms Can Include:

  • primary headaches - migraine, tension and cluster
  • pain in jaw joint
  • facial, neck or back pain
  • jaw popping or clicking
  • restricted opening
  • catching or locking of Jaw
  • pain when chewing
  • ear pain or ringing in the ears.
TMJ Section 1

Sleep Apnoea / Snoring

Sleep apnoea occurs when the upper airway becomes blocked off during sleep. A common reason for this is a poorly positioned jaw or tongue. In children, sleep apnoea is also associated with bedwetting and attention deficiency.

There is a 70% overlap between snoring and apnoea in adults and children. The American Association of Pediatrics “Patient Parameters” recently stated all children should be screened for snoring and all children who snore should have a sleep study for evaluation of apnoea because of ADD/ADHD and cardiovascular risk.

Symptoms commonly linked to sleep apnoea:

  • snoring / frequent night time awakenings
  • excessive daytime sleepiness
  • morning headaches
  • heartburn and GERD
  • depression


  • learning disabilities
  • bedwetting
  • teeth grinding
  • snoring

Related Risk Factors:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • diabetes
TMJ Section 1

We know TMJ

Dr Louis Chan and his team are licensed under TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centres International.

The Centres now serve patients in five countries. We are individually selected based on our education and training, and our commitment to providing adults and children with research-based treatments for:

  • craniofacial pain
  • primary headaches
  • sleep apnea / OSA / snoring
  • TMJ disorder
  • pediatric sleep breathing disorders & OSA

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