Myobrace (MRC)

Myobrace is a ‘no-braces’ solution to crooked teeth and malocclusion that is used during the early stages of teeth development.

MyobraceThe device is a specially made plastic mouthguard which addresses negative oral habits by training correct oral posture. The position of your jaws, tongue and teeth in relation to each other significantly affects the occlusion of your child’s teeth. Another condition, which can impact your child’s smile, is overcrowding which can lead to crooked teeth.

Myofunctional therapy has been practiced for over 50 years by orthodontic professionals across the world. Myofunctional therapy is extremely beneficial for young patients as it trains proper oral habits rather than simply addressing the symptoms of the problem which is mainly what traditional orthodontics does.

Does your child mouth-breathe?

The most common problem that is seen in children is mouth breathing which is where the child will breathe with their mouth open, with their bottom jaw hanging towards their neck. This often causes a significant overbite as the tongue and lips are not supporting the teeth at rest, which is required for an ideal bite. If this problem is left unaddressed into adolescence and even adulthood the soft tissues and jaw bone will become more dense, making the issue harder to fix which may then require full orthodontics.

Other negative oral habits

There are many other poor oral habits and conditions which can contribute to a crooked smile. These include:

  • tongue thrusting
  • thumb Sucking
  • underdeveloped jaw bone

Why is Myobrace right for my child?

Myobrace is a removable dental appliance that is generally worn for one to two hours while conscious and overnight for best results. Most patients prefer this as it is not a 24/7 solution like traditional braces. The Myobrace can also reduce the risk of your child requiring orthodontics later in life, which will save them from years of having to wear metal braces while sacrificing their appearance.

How does the Myobrace work?

The Myobrace works in much the same way as traditional braces by applying gradual pressure which aligns the teeth by pushing them lightly in the right direction. However, as this device is removable it is important that you ensure your child is complying with the appliance. It is normal in the beginning to feel a little tenderness when waking up in the morning as this is what shows that the teeth are actively moving into the correct position.

It is also important to remind your child to try and keep their mouth closed and tongue in the correct position during the day as this will result in their teeth shifting faster. Over time the correct position of the lips, tongue and jaws will become second nature which will require no effort at all.

Myobrace is the best alternative to braces, and to give your child the best chance at straight teeth early in life, we recommend bringing them in for a dental appointment from the age of four.

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