Orthodontics and Orthopaedics

It is never too early, or too late to guide the development of a beautifully straight smile…

At MyDental Care we have a range of approaches to orthodontic treatment that allow patients young and old to achieve a healthy, functional and attractive smile. These include non-extraction orthodontics and early intervention orthopaedics.

Non-extraction orthodontics

Here at MyDental Care we aim to make sure that you maintain as many natural teeth as possible where your mouth allows it. Some orthodontists typically extract teeth when there are signs of overcrowding which causes crooked teeth (malocclusion). Dr Chan will always opt for arch expansion before extraction as he believes that your body is intended to have the teeth that you develop as you get older. Arch expansion is a gradual procedure which expands the jaw so that your teeth have room to move and align properly if they are overcrowded. In order to do this and avoid extraction it is required that you wear a device specially designed to expand the width of the jaw.

At MyDental Care we believe that non-extraction orthodontics produces far superior results for our patients in terms of their long-term health and appearance.

Avoiding extraction also ensures that you don’t have to go through any discomfort or unnecessary surgical procedures.

Early intervention orthopaedics

By guiding the healthy development of your child’s smile from a young age, early intervention orthopaedics has the potential to save your child from lengthy and expensive orthodontic treatment down the track. Our dental professionals can monitor the development of your child’s smile, bite and facial profile to help them reach their ideal potential in terms of oral and overall health and appearance.

These are the orthodontic problems we watch for when evaluating your children’s smiles.

Childrens Orthodontics

Each one of these conditions has a different root cause which needs to be addressed to ensure long-term straight teeth. Mouth breathing is a common problem for children as it is a habit that can form during infancy. This can then cause jaw alignment issues such as a significant overbite or open bite. In order to correct this issue Dr Chan will use orthodontic orthopaedic tools such as Myobrace to train proper jaw positioning for optimum harmony of the jaw bones.

Adult orthodontics

Many adult patients have spent years feeling self-conscious about their crooked smile, but have believed that it is too late or too inconvenient to undergo orthodontic work to craft the straight smile they have always desired. At our dental practice we can provide contemporary orthodontic treatment options that suit the aesthetic requirements and demands of an adult lifestyle such as the transparent and removable orthodontic system Invisalign.

Orthodontic problems to watch for in adults


Don’t put off a straight smile any longer.

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