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My Dental Care is a Platinum Elite provider of Invisalign™ Clear Aligners & each year is trusted by 100's of patients.

Here at My Dental Care we completely understand your desire to look your best even when you’re receiving orthodontic treatment which is why we offer Invisalign™ – one of the most popular choices for correcting adult malocclusion.

Most patients looking for tweaks to their smile don’t want metal braces to impact the way they look when it comes to their work or social appearance. If you don’t want the way you look to affect your lifestyle, however you’ve decided it’s time to straighten your teeth, then Invisalign is the best choice for you.

The virtually clear aligners will fit seamlessly into your everyday life, without interrupting your ability to eat, enjoy meals or speak. 

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What is Invisalign™ ?

Invisalign  clear aligners are virtually invisible and completely removable aligners. Every two weeks you receive a new aligner that over a 12 – 18 month period will help to straighten your teeth.

Although these aligners are removable it’s still important that you wear them as much as possible. This is because Invisalign works by enforcing gradual pressure on your teeth for the steady alignment of your smile. 

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How Does Invisalign™ Work?

Before treatment we will need to evaluate your mouth so that we can ensure Invisalign is the best course of action for you.  Once we have assessed that Invisalign™ treatment is suitable for you we will be  able to begin the treatment process. 

To begin, a 3D scan of your smile will need to be performed so a virtual representation of your smile can be sent to Invisalign for the creation of your unique aligners.

Once your aligners have been created your treatment will work in much the same way as traditional braces although you will have more freedom over how you look and when you wear your aligners 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Invisalign™

A straighter smile will improve your appearance and make it easier to brush and floss. When your teeth are crooked small nooks and crannies can be created which can be extremely difficult to clean. This can then result in food debris gathering in these areas which can cause decay.

So whilst a straighter smile and better overall aesthetics is many patients aim when they embark on using Invisalign™, they will also benefit from the health improvements that come from having straighter aligned and healthier teeth.

The total course of Invisalign™ takes approximately a year on average although this will depend completely on the severity of your malocclusion. Instead of having to get your brackets and wires tightened every month or so with traditional braces, you will be able to swap your Invisalign aligner every two weeks. This will ensure your teeth will be gradually moving into the correct alignment for a straighter smile.

Absolutely. Invisalign are the only aligners suitable for children, teenagers as well as Adults.  Many of the patients that My Dental Care has treated over many years  are children and young Adolescent Age Children.  We have definitely become a trusted source for parents when seeking improved health or aesthetic outcomes for their children.   

  • The initial consultation includes your initial consult with our Invisalign Dentists , your Xray (using our state of the art Xray equipment) and your treatment plan. 

Cost is $460 paid at the time of your consultation.  Please note this is taken off your overall treatment cost if you proceed with your Invisalign treatment at My Dental Care. 

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