Myobrace is More than a Mouthguard

Myobrace is More than a Mouthguard
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Here at MyDental Care in Meadowbank we offer the Myobrace which is an advanced orthodontic mouthguard that can straighten your teeth without braces

Dr Louis Chan at MyDental Care is passionate about the latest technology, which is why he has invested in such a beautiful and functional office that features the latest dental technology.  Part of advancing technology is improving on the old which in this case is traditional braces treatment. Traditional orthodontics such as braces are bulky, metal and can even cause cuts in the mouth due to the harsh brackets and wires. The Myobrace takes the best of orthodontic braces and improves on them by removing the need for wires and brackets and replaces them with removable dental-grade plastic that is also removable.

MyDental Care takes care of adult and children’s teeth

MyDental Care can perform orthodontic treatment on patients of any age. Dr Chan recommends early intervention orthodontics as it addresses malocclusion while the tissue is still at its softest stage. It’s extremely beneficial to the parents and the child to undergo orthodontics during this stage of dentition as it will speed up treatment due to the soft tissue and therefore may save you time and money in the long run.

A special Myobrace can also be used for adult orthodontics which generally takes a longer amount of time to complete.

The Myobrace will be fitted with a tongue tag so that your tongue can rest in the correct position comfortably and a lip bumper.


Why choose Myobrace for your child?

Everybody knows that braces hinder the appearance of the wearer. This is true for individuals of any age, and although children may not have the same attitude towards appearance as adults they may still feel self-conscious about their appearance. This becomes especially prevalent during teenage years where more children are concerned with their daily facial appearance.

Treatment with Myobrace can start as young as 8, or even younger! It’s a removable appliance that should be worn while sleeping and for 1-2 hours while conscious. The purpose of the Myobrace is to train proper myofunctional posture, and eradicate negative habits which can affect the position of the jaw and teeth. Habits that can affect this include mouth breathing and bruxism. It’s crucial that your child stops mouth breathing as this not only contributes to malocclusion, but it can also heighten the risk of asthma, bed wetting, high blood pressure and it can even make you more susceptible to illness.

Here at MyDental Care we believe in dental care and overall wellness which is why we address issues at the source of the problem. By properly training correct oral posture using the Myobrace system you will be reducing the risk of reversion which can occur after traditional orthodontics is complete.

Is my child suitable for the Myobrace?

Depending on your child’s malocclusion Myobrace may be the correct choice for them. Myobrace is suitable for 99% of orthodontic problems including crossbites, overbites, underbites and other jaw problems. For these malocclusion issues, or issues where overcrowding is the problem the Myobrace can actually expand the arch, allowing the teeth more room to properly align. One of the only issues that cannot be treated solely with the Myobrace is an abnormal eruption as this may require extraction if arch expansion is not enough to treat the issue.

Orthodontic orthopaedics will always work towards a ‘Class I’ facial profile which is the correct position of the jaws and teeth in relation to one and other. We will move toward this desired profile from either a Class II or Class III profile. A Class II profile is often cause by mouth breathing as the bottom jaw will appear underdeveloped and a definitely sloping of the jaw towards the neck will be noticeable. Class III is caused by a negative relationship between the upper and lower jaw, where the lower jaw sticks out more than the upper. This is known as an underbite. See below for a visual look at these conditions.

Facial Profile

MyDental Care in Meadowbank will be able to treat malocclusion problems and ensure your child has an ideal facial profile. We can also improve your adult facial profile for a refined appearance.

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Dr Louis Chan

Dr Louis Chan has a special interest in holistic dentistry and is a certified provider of Myobrace, Insignia, Rapid Smiles and Invisalign.

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